Ramsey County Minnesota Queries

I invite you to enter a query for your Ramsey County ancestors. Only Ramsey County connections will be posted. Please notify me when you get your answer.

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December 20, 2002 Michael Alan Hunter
102 Wayne Hunter Rd
Waddington, New York 13694-3139

Searching for an obit of Ella Jane Cobb who died in Ramsey County, Minnesota on November 30, 1917. I am interested in finding out if Ella Jane maiden name was Conover or not and where she was buried and who her children were. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Michael A. Hunter

December 15, Linda Mau
I am looking for information about Albert Karl August Mau aka Pete born: Mar 21 1857 in Pommer, Germany; married to Marthe (Schwartz) on Mar 19 1888; he died Dec 21 1948. He was married and lived many years in White Bear before moving to Menominee. Thank you for your help.

2 Dec 2002, Kim Rosenthal
Looking for parents of William FORTNEY, born 19 Nov 1918, died Jul 1969, residence: 55106 Saint Paul, Ramsey, MN, SSN: 477-09-5403

Dec 1, 02 Jerry Bloom
Margaret Maynard Fales, b June 4, 1847 was nurse or governess for the Protestant Orphans Asylum in St. Paul area. I'm looking for more info on this orphanage as to location and when it closed and where its records have gone. Specifically, I need to know if my mother, Margery Ellen Fales (adopted name) came from this home in 1916.

Lorraine Jewell
I am interested in Lucy Devereaux Gillett, wife of James Titus Gillett. I believe she lived the latter part of her life in Ramsey Co and probably died there. Am hoping someone may have more information on her.

Lucy evidently moved to MIN in the 1870's or 1880's. She had a son Albert who died in Inver Grove MN in 1888. The 1880 census lists her in Red Wing but I had been told that she died in St Paul area in about Jun1882.
Sincerely, Lorraine
Lorraine Jewell

November 23, 2002 June Rothchild Vernon
I believe that the name Rothschild is known in St. Paul. My Grandfather, Val J. Rothschild and his brother Henry, my uncle Ryland and my brother Kennon have been active in many roles.

We are eager to find the daughter of Harold and Elizabeth Brown Tennant Rothschild as we have letters and papers to give to her. We know her given name to be Elizabeth and that she had a change in married name. We hope you can help us and Thank you .

June Vernon

Steve & Tamera
I am looking for any information about my great grandfather JOHN WILLIAM SODERMAN. He was born around 1899-1900 in St. Paul Minnesota. His father's name was Samuel Soderman and mother's name was Marie. Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Greg Schulte
Looking for MRS. ANDREW HELLIUM. She is listed as a surviving sister living in St. Paul in the 1924 obituary of my wife's great-grandfather Nels Hanson. Her mother may have been Sarah, she may have been born in Sweden in the early 1880s, and her first name may have been Ingeborg -- but no guarantees!

Thanks, Greg Schulte, Great Falls, Virginia

Nov. 20, 2002, Steve Gordenier
Subject: HENRY, George, St. Paul, Minn., before 1905
Looking for date of death of George HENRY, resident of 416 E. 10th St., St. Paul in 1901 Polk Directory. He died before 1905 when his widow Ellen HENRY is listed as (widow of George). George was a cabinetmaker according to Polk Directory. Ellen HENRY died in 1913 when struck by lightning in St. Paul. It would also be very helpful if anyone could tell me the 1900 Census District for 416 E. 10th St.

Teresa Feider
I am looking for any information on the family of James Zika who was a fireman in St Paul circa 1900. By 1907, his wife Barbara is listed as a widow in the city directory. Teresa Feider

13 November 2002 John Lynn Gullickson
Miss Anna Anderson was born in Sweden and came to America with her parents in 1867. Her father, Peter Anderson, resided in Saint Paul. (Compendium of History & Biography).

I would like to find what city/town in Sweden my great-great grandfather was from. How do I search for this Swedish ancestor, who I now know lived in Saint Paul?

Thank you.

Mina, Minnie, or Mary LOUBERT and Octave AUDETTE, son of Charles AUDETTE and Flore HAMEL of Somerset WI. Minnie and Octave Audette were married possibly in St. Paul after 1880. Looking LOUBERT/LOUBERE information. We have no knowledge of Minnie and her family. She spoke fluent French & English and resided in Hudson, WI or Somerset, WI. Their oldest daughter, Louise MONTBRIAND lived in Hudson and San Franciso, CA. I have MONTBRIAND & AUDETTE information to share if needed. Thanks to all.

11/12/02, Pamela Keil Koevari
I am searching for information on the KEIL family. My father, Lawrence Eugene Keil, was born in St. Paul, MN on 11/07/1909. His parents were Lewis Ernest Keil and Edna (?). Lewis Ernest Keil had one brother and two sisters. His brother had a son named Bill. Lewis Ernest Keil was an engineer in the US Army Corp of Engineers. Any information would be appreciated.

November 8, 2002 Larry Josephs
Looking for the record of PETER NASSEFF Came to the USA from the country of Lebanon in 1917 Entered the USA via Pueblo, Mexico (perhaps through Brownsville POE?), settled in St. Paul, Minnesota and died in St. Paul on October 18th, 1947. His real name in Lebanon was BOUTROS (which means Peter) RAFFOUL.

Wiltse - Frank & Esther, Rupert & Dora 1850 -1920
Looking for Wiltse connections
Frank had two children born in Ramsey. Frank jr while living at 168 Poplar (st Paul) 1908 and Florence while they were living at 556 York also in St Paul.
Jack 10-29-02

October 22, 2002 Christy
Re; John Gottleib Schultz

I am looking for the birth and death dates of John Gottleib Schultz. His wife Catherine Kappis Schultz died in 1911 in Saint Paul. Her obituary states that her husband died 22 year early which would be around 1889. He was in the 1860 census and 40 years old at the time, so I estimate his birth date to be around 1820. He was born in Germany and was found in the Germans to America Book in 1853, leaving from La Havre France and arriving in New Jersey with his wife's family - Christoph and Veronique Kappis.

His son Adolph was born in St. Paul Minnesota in 1860 and was buried in the Oakland Cemetary in Saint Paul in 1937. His daughter Regina Hodgman was buried in the Forest Cemetary in Saint Paul in 1946 and she was born in 1863. I suspect that John Gottleib Schultz or Schulz was buried in either the Oakland Cemetary or Forest Cemtary, but I have been unable to find records. Any help on his death date or how to locate an obituary would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

I am looking for information on Abert s. Resch. He was born in Wisconsin on April 16, 1870 to Michael and Anna Resch. He died on April 25, 1941 in Ramsey County Minn. at Ancker Hospital in St. Paul. He had a daughter Mrs. R. Nellef, and two grandchildren, Robert and Kathleen. Any info about this family would be appreciated. thanks-bobbi

10/11/02, John M. Samels
I am looking for information on my paternal grandfather. His name was John Laverty Cohoon. He died sometime in the 1930's and my father was adopted soon after. I am certain he and his family resided in St. Paul proper. ANY information would be much appreciated. Thank you.

October 10, 2002- Mark Ashley
Searching for the obituary of Sophronia Judith Serrier, she died June 25,1990 at the Ramsey Nursing Home, Maplewood, Ramsey County. Husband was James Thomas Serrier. Sophronia and James are buried at National Cemetery, Fort Snelling. Any help is Greatly Appreciated.

Marilyn Ernst
I am looking for anything about the Daniel Delbert Flanagan family in Saint Paul, Minnesota from 1925-1940. His parents names were Arthur Flanagan and Elizabeth Jane Sherbino. I am doing a genealogy of the Flanagan family and cannot find him after 1920.
Thank you, Marilyn

October 5, 2002 Sherry Boulter
Looking for information about my ggreat uncle Arthur Mc Clelland who died in Ramsey County May 16, 1931. He was a dispatcher for the N.P.R.R.

Bo Liljeberg
Agnes Lydia Peterson
In feb 1915 my mother's uncle died in a valvular heart disease at the Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul. The last years of his life he worked as an estate agent, probably from an office at 471, Fairview Ave. Since his wife had passed away in 1908 it seems likely that Agnes, his eldest daughter (b.1874) was supervising his house and/or his office at this address. She moved permanently to SP in 1916 when she was attested to SP from the first Lutheran Church of St Peter, Nicollet Co,MN. Please suggest any measure: e.g. enumeration district or Lutheran Church within reasonable distance from the above adress? My purpose is of course to contact the church secretary to ask 1. for look-see in the Church register 2. for a copy of the relevant page if she is found. I am not asking you to take any trouble with these more elementary steps.

Bo Liljeberg, Lund, Sweden

September 30, 2002 Gerry Duffy
Hogan, Kelly and Schmiege in St. Paul, around 1920 to 1933:

Daniel Hogan, born New Ross County Wexford, Ireland in 1898, married Miranda (Dolly) Schmiege in St. Paul in 1923. Daniel arrived in St. Paul in August, 1920 and first stayed with his grandaunt Susan Kelly at 61 Louisa St. in St. Paul. Daniel and Miranda went to London to live around 1932 but Daniel died in the London blitz in 1941 and Miranda returned to Minnesota right after Daniel perished.

I would like to hear from anyone who knows anything about Miranda (Dolly) Schmiege Hogan and/or Susan Kelly and/or anyone with the surname Schmiege.

9-27-2002 Peg Schafer
I am wondering if my Grandmother's brother was buried at the Ramsey County Poor Farm Cemetery. He died at Ancker Hospital March 3, 1916 and was buried at county expense. His name was Adolph Klinc ( or Klinz, Klink, Klinch). He was born in Slovenia April 16, 1887 and his father's name was Janez (Hans, John Johan) Thanks!

Sept 24, 2002 Mike Rambo
My grandfather (Theodore Myers Finch) was born in St. Paul probably in the 1870s. That is all the info I know about him. How can I get more info?
Mike Rambo

Lynea D'Angelo (Warren)
Elmer Renstrom b late 1800's possibly MINN. married Gladys Warren b 1894/95 in MINN. Her parents were Herbert S. and Laura Warren. I think they both died in Hart, Oceana Co., Mich because there are matching SS# death indexes for both names. There could be a family connection that brought them back to the area her father was from. I am looking for more on this Renstrom connection and the children of this union. One World Connect listing shows one "living" child of Elmer and Gladys. I would love to have contact with this family.

Lynea D'Angelo (Warren)
Tampa, FL

Patty Johnson
Seeking info on my great grandfather BEN DOUGLAS, he lived in St.Paul, East Side, and worked as an engineer on the Northern Pacific Railroad. Married to HULDA FINBERG. His mother's name was Nel and she remarried an ANDERSON.
He had 5 children. Divorced late in marriage after children grew up. Any help is much appreciated.

Also looking for
info on the family of Swan Lindgren, Looking for the name of his first wife. He lived in St.Paul , in the St.Anthony Park area, which now has hwy 280 running through it. He had sons John, Bill, Harry and Hermen. Later, he remarried and had more children. He passed away in St.Lukes hospital in Duluth.
Any info. is much appreciated.
Patty Johnson
email : cpj5600 @ aol.com

September 11, 2002, Joan K. Kimball
Sydney Fox was born Sydney Kimball in Indiana in 1872. She was in Greene Co., IN in the 1880 Census with her parents and 3 brothers. After that I have no information until her brother Henson D. Kimball (Jack) died in 1956 in Auburn, NE. In his obit it says sister Sydney Fox in St. Paul, MN. I am trying to find out more about her, but so far no luck. Maybe someone out there is related. Hope so.
Joan in AZ

Michael J. Moylan
Any information on the surname Moylan. St. Paul residents in the Como Park area. Immigrated from Ireland at the turn of the 20th century.
Thank you.
Michael J. Moylan

Mary Lanigan
Subject: Dilts family Query
I am looking for any info on John Henry Dilts and his wife Emily M. Palmer Dilts. John's wife Emily M. Palmer is buried in the White Bear Cemetery of Ramsey County MN. Thanks!

Beth Reed August 31, 2002
Looking for information of my Swedish immigrants by the name of Stone/Sten in the St Paul area circa 1880-??? Mary, Gus, Axel, Anna, Emma are the names I have. Mary worked as a governess and died in 1893. Anna married in 1891 and I would like to get her marriage license. Does anyone know if her parents names would be listed on the license?? Many thanks!!

Sep 2002 Dennis F.M. Marr
Seek any information on the LAVELLE family of St. Paul, MN 1860's and later. Margaret LAVELLE was born June 1866 in MN per 1900 census of Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY. Also per this census, both of her parents were born Ireland. She married John Henry BAILEY of Troy and later moved to Schenectady Co., NY, where she died. She was from St. Paul, MN according to her obituary.

8/28/02, Teresa Whitney
I'm trying to find where my great grandfather, Henry McCulloch, is buried in Ramsey County. He worked for the railroad and had gone to Minnesota to pick up the payroll. He was robbed and killed about 3 November 1881. The family was unable to bring the body home for burial. I contacted Vital Statistics but was informed they had no records. Any help would be much appreciated.

August 16, 2002 Virginia Hegseth
According to the 1880 census my great grandfather, Beriah Magoffin, lived in Reserve Township, Ramsey County, Mn. I am not sure when he purchased his land, but probably in the early 1870's. I am working on my family history and am wondering exactly where his property was located, who he bought it from and when, and when he sold it and to whom. I have written to the Ramsey County Land records but have received no reply from them.

Aug 28, 2002 Lynea D'Angelo (Warren)
I am researching Herbert WARREN b abt 1864 in NY but lived in Michigan most of childhood and was found in the 1920 Federal Census in St. Paul City, Ramsey Co., Minn. age 56, married to Laura age 54, and children Ora age 18 (b 1902) and Gladys L age 25 (b 1895) . Herbert's occupation was listed as a Fire Chief. I know he died 12/18/1926 but do not know the cemetery.

Anyone knowing anything about this family, please contact me.

I am new to Minnesota research.

Thank you,
Lynea D'Angelo (Warren)

August 22, 2002 Ida Huber
I am trying to get info on Ancker Hospital which changed names and locations in 1965. What type of hospital was this? Was it possibly a charity hospital and/or a mental institution? My Grandmother died there in 1964 and this history could answer some questions for me as I research the family.



July 24, 2002 Ann Bistodeau
I am trying to find the marriage records of my maternal grandparents Lloyd Conrad Taverna and Mary Grace Doran Taverna. I think they were married sometime in the late 1920's. My mother, Patricia M. Taverna was born in St. Paul on March 17, 1930 and her parents lived in St. Paul near Central High School. Any other records you run across would be of interest. Thank you.

23rd July, 2002 - Judy Botham
I am searching for any information on the family of William and Augusta BOWERS. They had one daughter that I am aware of - Jessie Bertha BOWERS born in St. Paul in around 1883. Augusta Bowers was born 27th March, 1857, place unknown. Many thanks for anyone's help.

7/21/02 Lorri Larsen
I'm looking for a grave site for my G.G.Grandmother Wilhelmina Dropiewski. She died in Ramsey county in 1887. her name was listed on her death certificate as Drupehaershi. She died in the bohemien Flats from rheumatic fever.. Thank you!

7/16/02 Ned Gardner
Any info. on Frank Bartlett - Train engineer (Chicago St. Paul Minneapolis and Omaha Railroad). Died at the throttle in 1915, reportedly his train was held up by the "Younger gang" - Looking for documentation of the aforementioned.

Additional info. on Frank Bartlett

Born: 1860 in Illinois
Wife: Jesse Haskell
Lived at: 819 Tuscarora St.
St. Paul, MN to his death in 1915 at 55 years of age.
Interred: Roselawn Cem. St. Paul, MN Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ned Gardner 612-922-2247

13 Jul 2002 Leighton Kaloupek
I am seeking obit information on the family of Beatrice HEINEN, died May 1983, last listed address White Bear TWP., Ramsey, MN. She was a long-time resident of Ramsey Co. She married Carl Heinen in Benton Co, IA on 22 Sep 1915. Her parents were Joseph and Katherine HANIFY STEPANEK. Thanks!!

Carol Wolf
Subject: Ramsey Co. Querry William Demspey d. 1904 in St. Paul

I am searching for the family of William Dempsey married to Margaret in Wis. 1857. Children Fred, James, Catherine, Margaret, Mary, Hanah. William d. in St. Paul 1904. This family was Catholic, William b. Ireland.

Carol Wolf

5/14/2002, KJ Parker
Looking to exchange info on Asahel F. Parker's family:
Asahel F. Parker b: c 1825 Westford, Chittenden Co., VT d: 17 Jul 1877 St. Paul, MN +Emily M. Ladd b: c 1829 m: 14 Sep 1846 Lake Co., IL d: 4 Feb 1859 St. Paul, MN Father: William Ladd *2nd Wife of Asahel F. Parker: +Mary Ellen Brooks b: c 1829 m: c 1860 St. Paul, MN Children: George Parker, Eleanor "Birdie" Parker, Franklin Parker
KJ Parker, ancestorhunt@midtown.net

Sharon L Turk
James CORMICAN, born 11/30/1854 in Ireland, died May 28,1931 in Ramsey County,St. Paul Mn. married to Catherine M QUINLAN in (probably) DUNDAS,ONTARIO Canada.
James was an attorney in St. Paul,Mn.
Joseph E.born 06/01/1879 in Canada,died Mar 8,1947 in St Paul,Mn
Mary E.born July 1884 in Canada, died Mar 4,1924 in Chicago Il
James F, born Sept 1887 in Canada,and died about April,1943 in Mn
Rose L born Sept 1892 in Mn,
Sidney Robert born 1896, died Jan 2,1926 in St Paul,Mn
Catherine or Katherine G born 1889, in ST Paul.
Are you related to this family?

5-19-02 Kathie Kuhlman
My grandfather was Roy W Jennrich son of William C. and Lulu Jennrich. He was married to Margaret Koran. They lived in St. Paul on Minnehaha Avenue in 1931 when my dad Roy C. Jennrich was born. Later they resided at 916 Hatch. I am trying to trace my ancestors on both the Jennrich and Koran side. I have been unable to locate any information on the Jennrich name and very little on the Koran side. Any info would be appreciated.

May 20, 2002 Alice Hildreth
I am researching my children's ggrandfather, William Frederick SIDENCRANZ , B. 31, May, 1860 or 1863 in Pommerania, Germany, parents: Albert SIDENCRANZ & Wilhelmina Bahr. According to 1910 & 1920 censuses, he either immigrated in 1875 or 1882. I have been able to place him in Akron, Summit Co, OH as early as 1890, so where might he have been before arriving in Akron? There are no other people in the Akron area with the name of SIDENCRANZ / SEIDENKRANZ but a number of people in Ramsey Co. of that name. Would very much like to get in touch with anyone related to the MN SEIDENKRANZ ancestors to find out if our families are related. Hope to hear from you. Alice

William Kiernat

Trying to find any information on a missing grandfather, John B. Kiernat. Based on information in 1900 Census, he was born in Poland in January 1861. Came to the U.S. in 1885. 1900 Census shows him residing at 186 E. 10th St., St. Paul with his wife, Alma C. Kiernat (Anderson) and son, Francis X. (my Father). We have a certificate showing they were married 11 Dec. 1898 by Fr. James Cleary, a Catholic priest but not in a church apparently. Fr. Cleary later founded St. Charles Church in Minneapolis which later burned to the ground.

Monica Lee
I am looking for information on my great grandparents, who where married in St. Paul in Ramsey County in August 1886. There names were Stilluf T. Palm and Louisa Krogmo; Might be Kroguro; Spelling of her last name is hard to decipher;

I have their marriage license/app, but am wondering if there might be anything else available;

Thank you,

Monica Lee
Seattle, WA

Jim Blower

I am trying to find information about the Colville Family (spelling varies) who lived in Ramsey County in the 1860-80 era. One was a Sheriff, whose brother prospected for gold in Western Canada, along with a Mr. Dickman and a Mr. Reid - circa 1860's. Any help or leads would be appreciated. Thanks

David Moore

I am looking for any information regarding the Giantvalley family of St. Paul. My mother, Katharine Joy Giantvalley, was born in St. Paul on Feb. 3, 1917. Her parents were Vincent Giantvalley and Katharine Dering Dodge. Vincent was killed in Europe in WWI (1918), and Grandma subsequently remarried to Toby Van Cleve and moved to California. We have a partial copy of a journal kept by Vincent's father, B. Giantvalley which he started when he turned 20.

In his journal, B. Giantvalley mentions his sisters Hannah & Ellen, and brothers Martin and Jerry. Any information about these people would be appreciated.

David Moore at dlmanison@aol.com.

26 April 2002, James Strosin
I am seeking information about John Miller and his spouse Veronica Strosin. Veronica was born 1 Feb. 1885 in Wisconsin and died April 1980 in the Roseville area. They lived most of their time in St. Paul. If someone can look them up in the 1920 Federal Census soundex index for Minnesota and get back to me with the ED number, I can go forward. Thanks.
Jim Strosin
Kenilworth 310
E-Mail: js5@uwm.edu
Phone: 229-4156
Fax: 229-5607

Mick Burdge
Looking for info on descendants of:

Jennie BARCH, b. ca 1844 Oh, m. 1875 William KINGSTON in Wayne Co, Oh.

In Aug 1893, the family was living in St. Paul, Ramsey Co, Mn.

Mick Burdge

04/18/2002 Paula Wood
I am searching for information on my maternal family. JOHN ALFRED ANDERSON and his wife JOHANNA CAROINE (OLSON) ANDERSON. They are my great gradparents. I believe they came from Sweden. John's birth date is April 1860 and he passed away in 1912. He is buried in Union Cemetery. Johanna was born June 23rd 1857. She died January 5th 1936, She is also buried in Union Cemetery. It was mentioned in a letter I found from a great aunt that John had 2 brothers that came to America with him. They changed their names to Almquist and Palmquist. Also mentioned that their name before coming here was Elison. So this means my great grandfather changed his name to Anderson.

Their children were:
Genevieve Elizabeth Sophia Oriole Anderson. born November 23rd 1889. Married Peter Dull. Died October 1934.in Montana.
Lillian Emilia Anderson. Born January 19th 1897. Died ??. Buried Union Cemetery Minnesota. Ramsey County. Never married.
Charles Arthur Anderson Born September 13th 1890. Died 1958.
Stella Britta Tracey Anderson. born September 24th 1896. Died September 1979 in Minnesota. Buried in Union Cemetery. Married Edward Paulson of St Paul. He is also buried in Union Cemetery. No children.
? Herbert Anderson unknown dates. Buried in Union cemetery. Married Ruth unknown last name. No children,
Hildegarde Josephine Anderson born September 9th 1900, died January 1979. Married Paul O. Larson in St Paul. Both are buried in Union cemetery, Ramsey County. No children.

I am hoping someone will have some sort of information. If anyone has access to old obituaries in newspapers or old census records please let me know. I have been trying for 13 years to find anything I can on this family. My mom is gone now so I can not ask her any questions and I would like to know my heritage. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

Washington State

April 6, 2002 George W. McLaughlin
My Grandmother Marie Kelly lived in St Paul for many years beginning about 1901. She died about 1949 in a nursing home. I have not been able to obtain her death record from the usual archives. The last known address I have (1937) for her is 8 Irvine Park, St Paul.

If I had the obituaries for 1949 I could check those, but I don't have them. If I had a list of the St Paul Nursing homes that were in existence in 1949 I could ask them to check their records, but I don't have that information.

So I am requesting a little help here to get some auxiliary information that might lead to a death notice for Marie.

Her maiden name was Lizotte: although she spelled the family name Lizzett. Her married names were: Addison, and Kelly. Kelly died in 1918. She signed the 1937 letter Marie C. Kelly. I don't think she married again.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

George W. McLaughlin

March 25, 2002 Bess Antes
Does anyone have information regarding JIRL EMBODY (who died in 1917) and OBEDIAH JAY EMBODY (who died in 1930) in Ramsey County? Jirl was my great grandfather's brother. Does anyone know what newspapers were printed in/for Ramsey county from the teen through the thirties? I've hit a huge brick wall in my search and any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
--- Bess Antes
--- ronbessantes@earthlink.net

3-21-02 Darlene Creuzer
Seeking information on an Annie J. Williams born in St. Paul around the time of 1859. She married Charles E. Clough before 1881( I don't know where) They lived in Milan, New Hampshire and Sawyerville, Quebec Canada. In the 1891 Eaton Quebec census, it says both her parents were born in Quebec. Her husband Charles was a Methodist Minister. He died in Lancaster New Hampshire. Was wondering if she is listed in the 1860 Census with her parents, or if someone has come across her name. Thank you for your time. Darlene

March 19, 2002 Randy Elliott
I am looking for any information on my grandfather Kenneth H. Elliott. For instance, middle name, dates of military service, birthplace, parents, siblings, etc.

This is the information I currently have:
b. 14 Nov 1911 birthplace unknown
------Married and Divorced Ruth Virginia Davidson
------Children of Kenneth H. Elliott and Ruth Virginia Davidson in Wisconsin
----------Joseph Dent Elliott (my father) born in Wisconsin
----------Maxine Elliott born in Wisconsin
----------Patricia Elliott born in Wisconsin

------Served in the US Army Air Forces as a corporal
d. 10 Apr 1974 St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, USA
Buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetary

Jim Stevens
RE: Stevens, Rutecki, Falczynski, Flaherty

My entire family, Grandfather's, Grandmother's Farther and Mother came from Ramsey County, Saint Paul area.

My Mother side is Ladistaus (Walter) Rutecki married my Grandmother Florence Falczynski in 1904 in Saint Paul. They had 8 children, Sophie, Marion, Viola, Stanley, Helen, John and Wanda, at the time they lived at 351 Duchess Street. My Mother was Marion.

My Mother married Gerald Graham Stevens in Chicago, Illinois in 1926.

Gerald Father was Walter Duncan Stevens and his wife was Agnas Delia Flaherty they married 13 February, 1886 in Saint Paul. They had six children Josephine, William, Bill still lives in Saint Paul, John, Walter, Gerald and adopted Reginald Perderson.

I found Ladistaus Rutecki and Walter Stevens in the 1920 census and the Stevens in the 1910 census and tracked the Stevens back to 1545 in England., but lost track of the Rutecki's in 1920, if anyone knows any of these names especially the Rutecki's, Flaherty and Falczynski's I would appreciate an e-mail.

Thank you

James R. Stevens

Cynthia S Dudley
I am looking for any information on James Ward Dudley. He was born 1797/1798 (poss. in VT) and died 9/18/1876 in St. Paul. His first wife was Sally Wells (born and died in NY). His second wife was Helen (Coles--widow). My husband may descended from one of Sally and Ward's sons.

5 March 2002, Harvey Prinz
Seeking an obituary for Bertha Roselle "Rose" FISCHER nee LAUCK. She died in Ramsey County, MN on 03/04/1952. She was blind, and, I believe, a widow at the time of her death. She had lived in St. Paul. Her husband was Austin FISCHER. She was my grandmother's sister.

3/2/2002 - Lara Lynn

Looking for info on:
Peter Schnitzius b. abt 1825 in Germany
+ Barbara Mary Lintner b. abt 1829 in Germany

Mary b. abt 1848 in Germany
Elizabeth b. abt 1850 in Germany
Susanna Margaret b. 5/30/1854 Chicago, IL d. 11/27/1935 Duluth, MN; marr. Ernst Mohaupt
Gertrude Elizabeth b. abt 1855 IL or MN
Margaret b. abt 1858 MN
Catherine b. abt 1860 MN; marr a Tuttle
Wilhelmina b. abt 1862 MN
Peter b. 4/1863 MN d. aft 1900; changed name to Schnitzus
Anna C. b. abt 1865 MN
Joseph b. abt 1867 MN
Emma C. b. abt 1870 MN

Peter and Barbara moved from Chicago to Brown Co. by 1860 and survived the New Ulm massacre in 1862. The family was scattered and reunited at Fort Snelling; although their home survived they never went back and moved to St. Paul. They lived in St Paul at least until 1890. One of the daughters married Henry Seidenkranz. According to Susanna's obituary, only 2 sisters were still living at the time of her death in 1935.

Feb. 19, 2002 Mary Neururer Hart
Researching NEURURER. The following lived in St. Paul by 1927 and after: ED NEURURER, THERESA (NEURURER) FOREMAN, CATHERINE (NEURURER) CALHOUN, ADELINE (NEURURER) BETZEL. Please contact me with any leads or connections.

February 19, 2002 Joni Leffler
Seeking biographical info. pertaining to Bishop James Joseph Byrne of St. Paul. I recently found an article from the St. Paul Dispatch dated Weds., March 17, 1954 describing a visit to St. Paul by President of Ireland, Sean Thomas O'Kelly, and his wife, Phyllis Ryan O'Kelly. The article states that Mrs. O'Kelly was a cousin to Bishop Byrne. I am researching the O'Kelly and Ryan families as well as several related families and would like to figure out the connection between Bishop Byrne and Mrs. O'Kelly. I believe that Bishop Byrne died on August 2, 1996 at the age of 88 and was then Archbishop Emeritus of Dubuque. Any info. would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!

Joni Leffler

February 17, 2002, Stan Kegler
Seeking genealogical information about William McMenemy, b.1799 in Ireland, emigrated to Scotland, then emigrated to Canada, then to US, probably rural Ramsey County, wife Elizabeth, b. 1828. William died in 1880; Elizabeth in 1925; both buried in Oakland Cemetery in St Paul.

Also son, Hugh Henry, born 1872 m. Charlotte b. 1875; Hugh died in 1944, Charlotte in 1954; both buried in Oakland Cemetery in St Paul. Hugh Henry was the youngest of seven children, who may have helped father in farming for sale at St Paul farmers market. Hugh and Charlotte had five children who, in their early years (1920-1970) may also have assisted in this kind of farming from farm in rural Ramsey County. Any help greatly appreciated.

Interested in finding out how Mc Menemy Street got its name. I understand, but only by word-of-mouth, that a William McMenemy and his family had a farm in rural Ramsey and that they followed a trail to a farmer's market in St Paul, this trail being the forerunner of McMenemy Street.

14 Feb 2002 Jan Gaffney
Am searching for an obituary for:
Martin P LEE
died 8 April 1939 St Paul, Ramsey Co, MN

Theodore Charles LEE
died 1960 St Paul, Ramsey Co, MN

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

2/3/02 Linda Swanson
I am looking for information on the daughters of Carl Herman Peterson and Clara Peterson. The daughters were named Ellen E., Hilda M., and Anna Peterson. They were all born in northern Minnesota but lived all their adult lives in St. Paul, Ramsey Co, MN.

Ellen was born July 1880 in Minnesota. She married Herman C. Adams in 1900 in Red Lake Co, MN and they had the following children, all born in St. Paul. Lisa Adams born abt 1901 Glenn Adams born abt 1908 Pearl Adams born abt 1909 Harold Adams born abt 1912 Herman Adams died in 1966 in St. Paul, MN. Ellen (Peterson) Adams died sometime after 1948 presumably in St. Paul, MN.

Hilda Peterson was born Aug 1882 married a Maurice Holm but I have not found much information on them. I can't find if they ever had any children. They too lived in St. Paul, MN. Hilda died in April 1970.

Anna Peterson married James Brennan and they had at least 1 son. Anna died before 1948, as she was not living when her brother Nels died. I know no other information on them other than they lived in St. Paul.

If you have any information on the descendants of these individuals, let me know. Thank you.

01/31/02 Emily Vesey
I am looking for information on Adolf (Adolph) Scheller, he lived in Ramsey County in the years of 1920-1952 and was married to Margaret?).

Hal Bern
Ellen Strandberg died 12 Feb 1920 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN. She was the wife of Eric Strandberg. The family lived at 885 Clear St. in St. Paul. Was there a published obituary for Ellen Strandberg?

Hal Bern
Longview, WA

Sandra L. Erickson
Query: Seeking information on Henry Erickson, born February 9, 1900 in Renville County, Minnesota and died September, 1981 in Ramsey County, Minnesota. Looking for obit or info on where he lived before he died.

Jean Bunch January 18, 2002
WHITE, Hall B born about 1880; Elizabeth (Bessie) born about 1888 In 1920 census at 1426 Raymond St. St. Paul. Still living there 1946. nothing from that time forward. Would like death information. They are my daughters grandparents. He came from New York and she came from New Hampshire. Jean Bunch

Bryan Sims
Date: January 18, 2002 Subject: Effertz Family of St. Paul, Minnesota
I am researching the Effertz family of St. Paul, Minnesota. Johan Christian Effertz (1850 to 1930) and three of his brothers came to Minnesota from Germany around 1864. Two of the brothers, Joseph Christian Effertz and Christian Hubert Effertz settled in the area around Assumption, Minnesota. Another brother, Peter Effertz settled in the area that would later be Norwood, Minnesota. Johan Christian Effertz settled in St. Paul and married Christine Ochs (1852 to 1918) in the early 1870's. Johan and Christine had 11 children: William Adam, Joseph, Peter, Martha, Wilhelmina Cecelia, Gertrude, Cecile, Christine, Edward, Margaret and Agnes. Two of these children, Joseph (1876) and Cecelia (1897 to 1904), died in infancy or early childhood. William Adam (1875 to ?) drowned in his early 20's leaving behind a wife, Johanna Hayes, and an infant son, William Edmund Effertz. To follow are the names and what little is known of the other 8 Effertz children: Peter Effertz: Born in 1878, married to a woman by the name of Jenny, 2 children: Cecile and Edgar, he is listed in a 1910 St. Paul City Directory as working at the P&S Book Company.

Wilhelmina Cecelia Effertz: Born in 1880, died in 1949, married to Robert M. Lutz, Jr., 1 child Margaret Jane, moved to Alabama about 1913. Margaret Jane married Pearson Sims and has 2 children, William "Bill" and Robert "Bob", and 2 grandchildren, Bryan and Daniel. They all reside in the Mobile, Alabama area. Robert "Bob" lives near Washington, D.C..

Gertrude Effertz: Born in 1882, married to Frank Zeller, 2 children: Edward and Ruth, daughter Ruth later became a nun and took the name Gertrudus.

Martha Effertz: Born in 1884, married to Bert Prose, no children, she is listed in a 1910 St. Paul City Directory as working as a forewoman for Brown & Bigelow.

Edward Effertz: Born in 1886, married to a lady by the name of Emma, 2 children: Rosemary and Bobby, he is listed in the 1910 St. Paul City Directory as a carpenter. He is thought to have worked for his father who was also a carpenter and contractor.

Margaret Effertz: Born in 1887, married Harry Veak, no children. She is listed in the 1910 St. Paul City Directory as working as a stenographer for the Gotzian Company.

Christine "Teen" Effertz: Born in 1889, married Carl Johnson, no children. She is listed in the 1910 St. Paul City Directory as working as a stenographer for the Tri-State Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Agnes Effertz: Born in 1891, married to Bert Brown, 1 child: Richard "Dick", husband Bert worked as a photographer and traveled extensively, son Dick married Violet Olsen and has one known son, Barry, and one known grandson, Jefferey. Barry and Jefferey are believed to still reside in the St. Paul area.

17 Jan 2002 Al Askevold
Looking for information on Ludvig (Lewis) SCHLANBUSCH, d. aft 1930, Ramsey Co. (St. Paul?), and his wife Rachel QUAM, d. Ramsey Co. Lewis Schlanbusch is my 2nd great uncle. The Schlanbusch family also had spellings of SCHLAMBUSCH, SCHLAISBUSCH. This family came from LaSalle Co. IL., they had 4 children?. Regards Al

14 Jan 2002 Linda Burton
SCHROEDER, Urban and FESENMEYER, Julie/Julia/Juliana
Searching for information related to Urban Schroeder, born Germany Sept 1855 and Julie Fesenmeyer, born Germany 1859; married Plymouth County Iowa Dec 6, 1884. Couple had seven children born in MN. Family listed in St. Paul, Ramsey Co, MN Census 1900. Urbin Schroeder listed in St. Paul City Directory 1889-91, occupation "driver", location 2, 324 W. 7th rear.

Sarah J. Adams
I am searching for any one researching George Adam and his wife Theresa Schaefer. They were both born in Otterstadt and married in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN in 1883. He later went on to found Adam funeral home in the late 1890s and later worked his sons in the funeral home business. He is a brother to my 2x greatgrandfather, Ferdinand Adam.

Sarah Adams
Fargo, ND

January 8, 2002; Helen Hamilton
1920 Ramsey, MN census of the city of St. Paul lists a Carl L. Hamilton with wife, Marjorie nee Maurer and two children: Charles A who was age 2 and Marjorie E. age 1. Carl is 31 and born in Iowa and Marjorie is 28 born in MN. Any one with any knowledge of this family? Helen Hamilton

January 9, 2002 Jan I. Olson-Yaden
My grandmother grew up in Ramsey County. Her parents are Ole Olson and Sophie Olga (Zuehlke) Olson. They had the following children: Olga, Anna, Martha-born in 1910, Viola-born October 10, 1912, and Alma. Ole came from Norway in the late 1880's and had two brothers, Iver and Edward or Edvard Olsen. Any additional information could be very helpful.

Linda Currie
I am looking for any information on the surname of SCARRATT / SCARROTT who was living in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN in the early 1900s.

Any information would be helpful. I am trying to connect them with my line that came from England > Canada > Crookston, Polk, MN >Bemidji, Beltrami, MN.

I have quite a bit of information to share.

Thank you,

Linda Currie (Lincurrie@aol.com)

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