Fairwater Valley Home Cemetery, Elba, Winona Co., MN

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Sept 2000

Fairwater Valley Cemetery
There were a couple of stones broken and gone.  It looks as though 
there could be unmarked burials here as well.


AYERS, ALFRED E.          1890-1947

BARTSCH, AVIS             1917-BLANK
BARTSCH, CHESTER          1914-1994

BASS, O. N.               12-23-1824 TO 01-23-1897:aged 73 yr 1 mo

BREHMER, BERNARD          1877-1916
BREHMER, JUDITH ANN       1937-1937
BREHMER, ROBERT PAUL      1937-1938

CHURCHILL, EBEN           died 01-04-1885:aged 50 yr 10 mo
CHURCHILL, MOTHER         1842-1922
CHURCHILL, DORA E.        1865-1924

CLAUSSEN, MINNIE          1860-1940
CLAUSSEN, HENRY           1839-1903:Aged 64 yr
CLAUSSEN, EDNA E.         1892-1892:aged 10 mo
CLAUSSEN, EDWARD          1897-1897:aged 5 wks.

COLEMAN, MARCUS F.        died 05-12-1871:aged 42 yrs

FEIGERT, JOHN             died 09-18-1868:aged 3 mo 17 days:son of J and S

GLANDER, CARL F.          08-01-1820 TO 02-26-1892
GLANDER, ALBERTENA        11-24-1823 TO 08-14-1891

GRAVES, MARY JO           08-27-1932 TO 12-22-1993:wife of RUSSELL

HILL, WESLEY              06-04-1821 TO 03-02-1899
HILL, SARAH A.            03-05-1834 TO 11-09-1896
HILL, HELEN E.            1853-1919

HOLBROOK, EDWARD F.       died 04-07-1878:aged 31 yrs
HOLBROOK, DAVID R.        died 03-17-1884:aged 71 yrs
HOLBROOK, MARY O.         died 10-04-1869:aged 46 yrs
HOLBROOK, FRED            died 06-05-1863:aged 9 yrs


KABKE, WILHELMINA         1847-1912

KOEPSEL, EMIL             1876-1951
KOEPSEL, ALBERTINA        1844-1912

KRIEGER, EDWARD F.        1902-1979
KRIEGER, AUNA T.          1905-1980

LOPPNOW, FRED HENRY       died 09-30-1942:Minn Fireman 2 CLUS NRF
LOPPNOW, HENRY F.         died 01-29-1890:aged 39 yrs
LOPPNOW, JOSEPH           11-20-1892 TO 10-30-1893:son of CARL and MINNA
LOPPNOW, HENRIETTA        born and died 1896:dau of CARL and MINNA
LOPPNOW, MINNA            12-01-1869 TO 12-12-1893:wife of CHAS
LOPPNOW, GRANDMA          04-11-1822 TO 07-27-1908
LOPPNOW, CHARLES          1857-1940
LOPPNOW, ALVINA           1872-1938
LOPPNOW, CAROLINE A.      02-22-1864 TO 07-18-1946
LOPPNOW, FERDINAND        10-11-1855 TO 01-21-1938
LOPPNOW, EVRED            01-02-1893 TO 09-21-1894
LOPPNOW, ARTHUR P.        1889-1968
LOPPNOW, MINNIE E.        1885-1955


MOLLERT, AUGUST           10-17-1851 TO 04-22-1926

MONTGOMERY, J. BLAINE     1886-1930
MONTGOMERY, MARY          died 09-27-1892:aged 78 yr:wife of J.
MONTGOMERY, IDA C.        1853-1911:wife of J.H.
MONTGOMERY, JACOB H.      1852-1928

NICHOLS, ALONZO D.        04-04-1831 TO 03-07-1880

NIENOW, HENRY             1867-1868
NIENOW, JOHN              died 07-25-1897:aged 77 yr 11 mo
NIENOW, WILHAMENA         09-19-1830 TO 03-27-1915:aged 84 yr 6 mo 8 days

OHM, CARL                 01?-13-1892 TO 03-19-1901

PAGE, ROBERT C.           1878-1943
PAGE, AUGUSTA             1878-1941

PALMER, NELSON A.         1837-1890

ROCK, AUGUST              1849-1934:(ROCK and LOPPNOW'S buried together)
ROCK, ROSA                1860-1926

ROSENBERG, LUDWIG         06-10-1857 TO 11-17-1947
ROSENBERG, MINNIE         04-06-1860 TO 04-10-1910
ROSENBERG, L.             06-20-1819 TO 02-19-1893

SCHARF, WILLIAM C.        1910-1967

SCHMIDT, AUGUST           12-27-1862 TO 10-19-1916

SHERWOOD, AMELIA          10-05-1861 TO 05-09-1891:wife of J. SHERWOOD:
                                      daughter of LOREN and ELLEN TODD

SMITH, ALVINA L.          04-15-1835 TO 07-07-1865:wife of EDMUND SMITH
SMITH, ANGELINE R.        04-18-1832 TO 02-12-1907:wife of EDMUND SMITH
SMITH, EDMUND             10-11-1824 TO 05-31-1902

SOUTHWICK, HENRY H.       died 08-03-1866 :Civil War Vet

STICH, SARAH C.           11-13-1889 TO 11-01-1890

STITCH, DONALD            1900--1906
STITCH, ANNA              1859-1937

TAFT, CHARLEY J.          12-03-1852 TO 07-25-1863
TAFT, ABBIE B.            03-08-1847 TO 09-03-1872
TAFT, JOSEPH H.           02-08-1820 TO 04-11-1870:Husband of MARY

TODD, A.E.                died 09-14-?:aged 57 yr 1 mo 19 days
TODD, CORA T.             1864-1959
TODD, DEXTER J.           died 03-24-1886:aged 57 yr 6 mo 2 days
TODD, ELIZABETH J.        died 04-05-1909:aged 73 yr 8 mo 18 days
TODD, ELECTA              01-07-1869 TO 05-14-1889:dau of LOREN and 
                                                   ELLEN TODD
TODD, ELLEN               08-31-1836 TO 03-14-1906:wife of L.U. TODD
TODD, LOREN               11-16-1832 TO 02-07-1906

TORNOW, AUGUST C.         06-02-1841 TO 12-12-1910

WOODS, JOSEPH N.          died 10-23-1868:Civil War Vet